Transair Air System

Beldam Pilotgraph 4001

Beldam Pilotgraph 4001 is a 'Crossplait' constructed packing, manufactured from exfoliated graphite also incorporating corrosion inhibitors, high thermal conductivity, self lubrication and rapid heat dissipation are major advantages of this packing.


- Rotary
- Reciprocating anti-static high temperature pump and valves
- Suitable media steam, water, hot oils, solvent, hydrocarbon, alkalis and acids with the exception of strong oxidising agents.


For the pH range 0-14, the packing is chemically inert and suitable for steam. It should not be installed in strong oxidising environments such as hot concentrated nitric acid, highly concentrated sulphuric acid and molten alkali metals.


All square sections from 3mm (1/8”) to 25mm (1”) are generally available from stock in differing lengths depending on the cross section. Larger and rectangular sections can also be manufactured to order. PILOTPACK 4001 packing can also be supplied in preformed or die formed rings.
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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Air: 500ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Steam: 650ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Inert Gas Conditions: 3,000ºC

  • Pressure: 300 bar

  • pH: 0-14

  • Speed: 25 m/s

Technical Detail