Transair Air System

Beldam Pilot 178

Beldam Pilot 178 is a good quality compressed fibre jointing, manufactured from a blend of aramid and mineral fibres, which are bonded with a high quality NBR rubber binder. Suitable for sealing oils, fuels, gases, water, low pressure steam and most mild acids and alkalis. Conforms to BS 7531 Grade Y.


- Density g/cm3 1.8
- Compressibility % 8 (ASTM F36J)
- Recovery % 52 (ASTM F36J)
- Tensile Strength 14 MPa
- Residual Stress 23 MPa (BS 7531)


1.5 m x 2 m Thickness 0.4 to 3mm

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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature Range: 400ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Steam: 250ºC

  • Pressure: 100 bar

Technical Detail